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About Us

Our firm has handled a high volume of cases over the years.  It has given us a keen understanding of when to aggressively pursue results in the courtroom, and when a more cooperative approach in settlement negotiations is appropriate.  We are able to provide practical, favorable, and cost-effective solutions in many of our matters. We are sensitive and responsive to our clients’ concerns on an emotional level, but also recognize the importance of level-headed decision-making in all steps of the process.  We will give you our honest assessment about your case throughout the process.  Our goal is to have a swift and effective resolution of your matter.  Many disputes can be informally resolved through a family meeting when there has been a lack of transparency, communication, or a misunderstanding.

Trust, Estate, and Conservatorship litigation and administration can be a complicated, daunting, and stressful process, especially when there is family involved.  We are here to guide you through it.  Our clients include fiduciaries such as Trustees, Executors, Administrators, Personal Representatives, and Conservators as well as beneficiaries, heirs, and family members with concerns about the Estate in question.  As leaders in these areas of law, we also provide skillful representation to industry professionals, whose success as professionally licensed fiduciaries hinges on our reliable counsel.

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More Than 40 Years Of Combined Experience In Trusts And Estates

At the Law Office of Vikram Brar, we handle a wide range of Trust and Estate matters for clients throughout Southern California. Whether you are seeking reliable representation in Trust and Estate matters, or have a legal dispute to resolve in litigation, our law firm can help.

Our team of distinguished lawyers is composed of Vikram Brar and Manisha V. Kapoor, whose vast experience has earned special recognition in industry publications. Vikram has specifically been identified for excellence in Estate and Trust Litigation by Super Lawyers in 2012-2019. He also has formerly served as the President of the Glendale Bar Association.

When you work with the Law Office of Vikram Brar, you will be sure to receive representation that addresses your unique needs.

Representation Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Our firm represents a wide range of stakeholders in matters that involve Trusts and Estates throughout California. These include Trustees, Personal Representatives, Executors, Administrators, beneficiaries, heirs, and family members with concerns about the Estate in question.

Industry professionals (i.e., professional Trustees or fiduciaries) often seek our counsel in these matters — a true testament to the quality of representation we provide.

Each of these individuals has a different set of goals and challenges in case resolution. We take our responsibilities seriously, and we make sure to treat every client with the thoroughness, respect, and personal service his or her case demands.

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Make sure to work with a law firm that will take the time to listen to your concerns, inform you of the process, and personally guide you to a favorable result in the Trust and Estate issues that matter most to you.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your case and how our services can suit your needs. We can be reached online or by telephone at 818-242-9240.

Providing Cost-Effective & Competent Representation

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