Compelling Accountings by Trustees and Personal Representatives

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Personal Trust Contests And Compelling Accountings By Trustees

Trustees and Personal Representatives are required to make impartial judgments and decisions in Trust and Estate administration activities. They also must perform duties at specific times in the Trust and Estate administration process and provide accounts to beneficiaries and heirs when requested, unless a beneficiary or heir has waived his or her right to accounts and reports about Trust or Estate property.

On occasion, Trustees and Personal Representatives are reluctant to provide information requested by beneficiaries or heirs — something they are required by law to do. A beneficiary or heir may perceive this as an indication of wrongdoing, or believe investment actions and distribution of property are biased in the Trustee or Personal Representative’s favor.

It is best to work with an experienced Trust, Probate, and Estate litigation attorney who has the experience and skills to advocate for you through every stage of these complex legal proceedings. We can obtain Court Orders compelling accountings and/or, where appropriate, for the removal of the Trustee or Personal Representative and a surcharge against them.

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Every Trust litigation case is different. Some cases arise out of simple misunderstandings of one’s fiduciary duties. In others, fraudulent activity has taken place. At the Law Office of Vikram Brar, we work toward swift, effective resolutions in Trust litigation, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected.

This process typically involves:

  • Detailed investigations of correspondence between Trustees and beneficiaries
  • An assessment of duties that should have been performed versus duties actually performed
  • An official letter to trigger compliance from the Trustee or Personal Representative
  • Filing an official petition with the Court to compel accountings or reports from a Trustee
  • Presentation of pertinent information at the hearings
  • Seeking removal or surcharges where appropriate

Our firm can resolve these issues via informal settlement negotiation, mediation, or trial. Our experienced lawyers, Vikram Brar, Esq., and Manisha V. Kapoor, Esq., are known for personal service and the highest caliber of knowledge in this complex area of law.

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