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Conservatorship Litigation Attorneys

When an adult is no longer able to handle medical or financial decisions for himself or herself, a Conservatorship may need to be established to appoint a third party to make those decisions.  For most people, these are sensitive issues. They are worried about making the right decisions for their loved ones as issues of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease arise.

We handle contested and non-contested Conservatorships.  Whether you are a family member who is also a Conservator and one of your siblings is disputing the way affairs are being managed, or your loved one is being taken advantage of or is suffering from elder abuse, we can address your needs.  We assist with accountings, sale of real property, and where appropriate, recovering wrongfully taken assets or modifying the Conservatee’s Estate plan through Court Orders.

Both Vikram and Manisha are on the Probate Volunteer Panel and are routinely appointed by the Court to represent proposed Conservatees.

Persistent And Professional Advocacy From Your Conservatorship Litigation Attorneys

The nature of our practice has inevitably led us into many trials. We know the local legal environment and key players in courtroom proceedings, and it helps our clients to achieve favorable outcomes in a level-headed manner.

Attorneys Vikram Brar and Manisha V. Kapoor both have substantial, sophisticated experience in complex Trust and Estate law matters. They are respected throughout the legal community for their ability to deliver cost-effective and efficient results without compromising the goals of the parties they represent. In addition, they have a good working relationship with their opposing counsel.

Our practice is founded on the idea that each of our clients deserves representation tailored to his or her needs. We deal with litigation issues, but we also effectively negotiate agreements outside of courtroom proceedings whenever possible.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your legal concerns and determine how our services can suit your needs. Our law firm can be reached online or by telephone at 818-242-9240.

Providing Cost-Effective & Competent Representation

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