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Surcharges In Estates

A Trustee’s or Personal Representative’s responsibility is to appropriately handle the final affairs and property of a decedent’s Trust or Estate. Trust, Probate, and Estate administration, however, can be very difficult to navigate, particularly for an individual who has never been through the process before.Because these fiduciaries are usually regular people, and not necessarily finance, real estate, law, or tax professionals, they can sometimes make decisions that result in losses for heirs and beneficiaries of the Trust or Estate. When this happens, a lawsuit may be filed against the Trustee or Personal Representative in an effort to recover losses caused by breach of fiduciary duties. The damages collected in these proceedings are known as surcharges in Trusts and Estates.

Our goal at the Law Office of Vikram Brar is to protect our clients in these legal proceedings, either by helping them recover what was lost through a surcharge action, or protect them as Trustees and Personal Representatives who are trying to act in accordance with proper Probate proceedings.

If you are dealing with a surcharge matter in Los Angeles County or surrounding areas of California, contact our Glendale law office to work with a team of experienced legal professionals that can provide swift, effective results in your case.

Surcharges Actions And Losses Suffered In Trust And Estate Management

Surcharges in Trusts and Estates differ from wrongfully taken assets in that they typically involve investment of Estate property or funds that were poorly managed. For example, money may have been invested in property or accounts that resulted in substantial losses. Real estate may have been held and remained empty for many years, so a beneficiary could not realize the benefits of rental income or property sale revenue.

Surcharges may also arise when accounting processes are not properly handled or there are mysterious discrepancies in accounts of assets. We approach these cases with close attention to detail and personal service, making sure every important piece of information is accounted for. We get to the heart of where errors were made, who is at fault and how to resolve the case effectively.

Work With An Experienced Team Of Professionals

Attorneys Vikram Brar, Esq., and Manisha V. Kapoor, Esq., work through cases in both mediation and trial proceedings, offering customized solutions from the initial filing of petitions to presentation of arguments in Court. With more than 30 years of combined experience in Trust, Probate, and Estate litigation, our lawyers can provide the highest caliber of representation in your case.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your legal concerns and determine how our services can suit your needs. Our law firm can be reached online or by telephone at 818-242-9240.

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