Trust and Will Contests

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Trust and Will Contest Lawyers

At the Law Office of Vikram Brar, our Trust and Will contest attorneys are recognized for excellence in this field of law, and have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity and the ability to get the job done right for the clients we represent throughout Southern California.Our office is located in Glendale and is easily accessible for individuals in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. If you are concerned that a Trust or Estate is not being handled appropriately, we can give you the attention and care your case demands.

Effective Resolutions In Trust And Will Contests

Any Trust or Will can end up the subject of a dispute. This happens when a party with the right to contest the documents questions a Trust’s or Will’s validity. This individual could be:

  • A beneficiary named in the Trust or Will
  • An individual who would stand to inherit property from the Estate if a Trust or Will did not exist (i.e., a spouse, child or close family member)

Trusts and Wills may be disputed for a variety of reasons, such as ambiguous language, improper witnessing or signing, the existence of a more recent document, or the decedent’s condition at the time the document was drafted. In these cases, Trust or Will validity may be questioned because of:

  • Lack of capacity: The decedent may not have been mentally capable of making decisions about his or her Estate at the time the Trust or Will was drafted and signed.
  • Undue influence: The decedent was improperly pressured into signing documents by someone who is seeking to benefit from the Estate.

Our experienced lawyers can walk you through the process for contesting a Trust or Will, filing Court petitions in a timely manner, accurately interpreting the language of Trusts and Wills, conducting thorough investigations of claims, and presenting clear, persuasive arguments for your case in Probate Court. It is important to note that there are strict time constraints for contesting Trusts and Wills after which contests may be barred. It is therefore imperative to obtain prompt legal advice so that contests can be timely filed.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your legal concerns and determine how our services can suit your needs. Our law firm can be reached online or by telephone at 818-242-9240.

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